Governing Council

Andrew EL Chan1.png

Mr Andrew E L Chan (President)

Sharon Kee.png

Ms Sharon Kee (Hon. Secretary)

Nicole Zycinski-Singh.png

Ms Nicole Zycinski-Singh (Hon. Treasurer)

Albert Lee.png

Mr Albert Lee (Councillor)

Clement Tan.png

Mr Clement Tan (Councillor)

Ivan Goh.png

Mr Ivan Goh (Councillor)

Mohd Lukman.png

Mr Mohamed Lukman (Councillor)

Ng Say Kiat.png

Mr Ng Say Kiat (Vice President)

Gavin Raj.png

Mr Gavin Raj (Asst. Hon. Secretary)

Noh Mohd.png

Mr Noh Bin Mohd (Asst Hon. Treasurer)

Bavani Palanivellu.png

Ms Bavani Palanivellu (Councillor)

Darian Ee.png

Mr Darian Ee (Councillor)

Jo Lynn Teh.png

Ms Jo Lynn Teh (Councillor)

Vincent Teo Poh Keong.png

Mr Vincent Teo (Councillor)


There are three main committees within the Governing Council of the SPMA. Each committee is headed by a Council Member who is supported by their fellow Councillors. Many of our Councillors sit in more then one committee!

Institutional Agencies

This committee is responsible for maintaining relations with our Affiliated Organisations.

Skills Upgrading and Training

This committee identifies areas where the industry as a whole can improve on and furthers this by organising the appropriate seminars and workshops.

Public Relations and Communications

This committee is involved in preparing our SPMA magazine, ‘Pestcraft’, marketing and social media. The committee also organises social events for all members.