Providers of Pest Control Services

In this section we aim to answer some of the most common questions for people who would like to start a pest control services company.

What are the basic requirements of setting up a pest management company in Singapore?

In order to conduct any vector control treatment or activity, your company needs to be registered with the National Environmental Agency (NEA) as a Vector Control Operator. You will receive the Certification of Registration which will allow you to conduct said activities; this certificate must be renewed on a yearly basis.

What type of licenses do my employees need?

  • To carry out vector control work independently, the employee needs to be licensed as a Vector Control Technician (VCT).

  • To carry out vector control work, the employee needs to be licensed as a Vector Control Worker (VCW). The employee must be accompanied by another employee who is a licensed Vector Control Technician during all his jobs.


Are there any courses or tests they need to go through or take in order to maintain the license?

  • VCTs and VCWs have to undergo the Work at Height course.

  • Depending on the requirements of your client’s site, employees might also need to undergo:

    A.    SIC Course

    B.    Confined Space course

  • VCTs and VCWs also need to go for a blood test twice a year.


Will there be a problem if I store the chemicals in my office?

You need to apply for the License to Import, Store and Sell Hazardous Substances via NEA Pollution Control Department in order to do so.


I would like to try for tender projects but the requirements are so different and strict. Is there a basic standard I can obtain to at least qualify to bid?

You can register with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to be in the Contractor Registration System.


Most pest management companies seem to have at least one of these: ISO, OHSAS and BizSafe accreditation. Are all of these necessary?

These are not necessary. These are industry guidelines that help develop your business infrastructure and raise your service standards. Obtaining these accreditations will also mean that your company undergoes a yearly surveillance in order to maintain the certification.


Are pest management companies also responsible for catching stray birds, cats, dogs, and snakes?

The Vector Control Operator license only covers 5 main vectors: mosquito, rat, flea, cockroaches and rodents. The decision to handle other pests is entirely up to the discretion of individual companies. For wildlife, you might want to refer the enquiries to AVA and ACRES.