President’s Message


It is indeed a great honor and my pleasure to be able to serve a seventh term as the President of the Singapore Pest Management Association.  The Association has come a long way and has become well-recognized and internationally acclaimed. This is possible because of the dedicated service of our very committed Governing Council in the past several terms.

Going into this new term, we are pleased to welcome four young new members to the Governing Council. They signify our Association’s commitment to actively renewing our management team and increasing association membership recruitment.

The industry landscape has changed rapidly over the past two years. We see new entrants of international standing entering into our local market via aggressive mergers and acquisitions to build up their market share. Further market consolidation is expected and we hope the competition will develop the market further to provide better services to our clients with greater professionalism.

Similarly, the overall business environment is also changing rapidly. The pressures on economic growth are evident, and the tight employment situation makes it even more important to invest in training and look for innovative ways to do our business to improve productivity and stay ahead. We will continue to explore ways to deliver even greater value to our members beyond our current initiatives in creating networking platforms, capacity building through training, and industry promotion.  

The Government, through the Ministry of Trade and Industry, provides incentives and other support through the Industry Transformation Map (ITM); this initiative aims to promote growth and improve the competitiveness of 23 industry groups through integrating productivity improvement, skills development, innovation, and internationalization. As part of this push, we are working closely with NEA to include pest management under the NEA’s Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map (ES ITM).  If successful, this will help to develop new initiatives under ITM which will benefit our members.

While cases of vector-borne diseases such as Dengue Chikungunya and Zika have subsided significantly, the prevalence of social media and instant news means that pest infestation, such as cockroaches and rodents, no longer remain unnoticed and frequently make the news. Now more than ever, pest management also plays an important role in the reputation of the hospitality industry.

We are pleased to receive the continued support from NEA, Government Agencies, Singapore Industry Associations and our foreign counterparts. We are also very grateful to our Technical Advisor, Professor Lee Chow Yang of University Sains Malaysia, Penang for his invaluable contributions to raising the standard of our industry.

As an association, we would like to do more but we need support from our members. We urge all those operating in this industry to join us as members so that we can have a strong voice representing the industry and to further our interests.

Thank you.

Mr. Andrew E L Chan