Affiliated Organisations

SPMA works closely with several government bodies, key organisations and project committees. Here is a summary of the role SPMA plays in these affiliated organisations:

National Environment Agency (NEA)

The NEA is the government organisation responsible for a clean, green and sustainable Singapore. Some of the NEA’s key programmes include the prevention and control of vector-borne diseases and the maintenance of public hygiene and cleanliness. SPMA works closely with the NEA to develop better surveillance and control methods and share information.  

SPMA is also working to include pest management as part of NEA’s Environment Services Industry Transformation Map (ESITM) which will greatly benefit the industry by raising professional standards through innovation and upskilling of the work force.

Inter-Agency Dengue Task Force (IADTF)

Since the inception of the IADTF in 2005, SPMA has been a very active member in supporting dengue prevention initiatives. The IADTF comprises 26 public, private and professional organisations, including the NEA, LTA and Town Councils to coordinate dengue prevention efforts to further minimise and control the vector population.

Public Hygiene Council (PHC)

As a member of the PHC, the SPMA has worked to promote good hygiene practices and cleanliness in Singapore. SPMA regularly participates in the Keep Clean, Singapore! lifestyle and movement.

Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC)

SPMA is also a member of the WSHC and works with the WSHC to promote safe work environments for the pest management industry.

Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC)

The SCIC is the official industry association representing the Singapore chemical industry in the private sector. Although most pesticides used today have low toxicity levels, SPMA still supports SCIC’s initiatives to drive continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance.

Wild Animal Legislation Review Committee

Amendments are being proposed to the Wild Animals and Birds Act. These amendments would make the feeding of wild animals and birds banned and also regulate the release and handling of wildlife. Although the pest management industry primarily deals with the treatment and prevention of vectors, our Pest Control Operators are often called to deal with animals such as bees, snakes, birds, cats and monkeys, all of which would become protected under the proposed amendments.

SPMA is representing the interests of the pest management industry on this Wild Animal Legislation Review Committee.

Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Management Associations

FAOPMA was established by members from Asia and Oceania to promote and develop the professional pest management industry throughout the region. As a member of FAOMPA, SPMA represents the interests and experiences of the Singapore pest management industry on an international stage.