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The Singapore Pest Management Association is the registered trade body that represents the pest management industry in Singapore.

Incorporated as the Pest Control Association (Singapore) on 4 February 1987, it changed its name to Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA) from 7 September 2001. This change reflects the growing importance of SPMA as the voice of the industry and a guardian of our environment. SPMA’s role is embodied in its logo.

The logo is formed by a hand holding a new leaf, above the letters S-P-M-A, the initials of the Singapore Pest Management Association.

The letter ‘M’ is enlarged to emphasize the new era of proactive pest management, advocating advancement of knowledge and improvement in techniques, so as to contribute to a healthy environment.

The Green Leaf symbolizes a healthy environment.

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Pest Management Industry News

SPMA keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news from the pest management industry.